Gallery Partnership Program

The Gallery Partnership Program can eliminate any doubt, and rumors, that the gallery pays Artists and Collectors improperly.

By letting Artists know that they are paid through RiSBE, a Gallery can advertise this transparency, use it as a new tool in recruiting new Artists.

Galleries want to run their business without running into legal problems. Changes in New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law Section 12.01 requires Galleries to separate sale proceeds for Artists from their own operating accounts. If a dealer breaches fiduciary obligations to an artist; he or she can be convicted of a criminal misdemeanor, subject to fines and possible jail time.

RiSBE doesn’t allow for this to happen, acting as a clearing house for both the Artist and Gallery by collecting payments for the artwork and making disbursements upon the clearing of the payment funds. RiSBE will separate the funds payable as now required by law so the Gallery doesn’t have to.

By confirming that they pay through RiSBE, a Gallery lets collectors know that the Artist’s share of the purchase price is actually getting paid to the Artist. This strengthens trust between a gallery and their collector base.

Galleries have been put out of business by the allegation that they don’t pay their Artists. No one wants to be associated with such a program. Collectors don’t want to purchase works and Artists look for alternative places to show. In the art world, reputations matter. Don’t let this be you. Through RiSBE’s Fair Pay for Artists, Galleries can assure your collector base that they pay your Artists.

The same goes for work resold on the secondary market. RiSBE’s Gallery Partnership Program assures the seller that they will get paid the full and proper amount for the artwork they sold, allowing piece of mind to existing clients. RiSBE allows a Gallery to demonstrate their commitment to pay collectors that sell on the secondary market, timely and accurately.

RiSBE will be branding itself certifying that particular Galleries use their services and pay their Artists. Through decals the Gallery can put in their windows, or logos they can put on their invoices or websites, the Gallery will let the art world that they handle payments properly.


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