Collector Secondary Market Program

Our Collector Secondary Market Program ensures that the price a work of art is being sold for is the true selling price.

The story whispered in art circles that are all too familiar: the collector consigns artwork to a gallery for resale for a particular price (say, $10,000). The Gallery sells the work and pays the collector (say, $9,000) less their agreed upon commission (say, $1,000).  Later the original collector learns that their piece was sold for significantly more ($20,000) and the Gallery pocketed the difference ($10,000 plus the $1,000 commission).

The Collector Secondary Market Program has the purchaser transfer the sale proceeds directly to RiSBE so that the seller knows that they will be paid the full and proper amount for the artwork they sold. By using the Collector Secondary Market Program, Galleries offer piece of mind to their existing clients and can recruit more secondary market sales.

You have the right to insist that you get paid through RiSBE.


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