Fair Pay for Artists

Our Artists Payment Program works to ensure that Artists get paid what they are owed in a timely manner.

Artists are professionals and, like professionals, they should be paid without having to plead for money that they are owed.

Artists expect an Artist/Gallery system that guarantees their payment. Whether it has impacted them personally, or they’ve heard horror stories through friends and colleagues, the specter of not getting paid for work sold haunts Artists. If payment for artwork is made through RiSBE, once the money clears, RiSBE will then make payment to the Artist and Gallery.

RiSBE acts as a Clearing House for the Artist and Gallery as it will collect payments for the artwork sold and, and upon the clearing of the payment funds, RiSBE makes disbursements to the parties.

RiSBE encourages both the Artist and the Gallery to return to their shared goal of building an Artist’s career through developing a collector base, encouraging museum acquisitions, and obtaining critical and curatorial support.

You have the right to insist that you get paid through RiSBE.

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