Since 1993

RiSBE is dedicated to reassuring Artists, Galleries and Collectors that they get paid what they are owed, on time, and without acrimony. It’s just that simple.

Our programs are designed to work with the parties to increase transparency in the payment process and remove as much doubt and temptation as possible. Often artists are put in awkward position with their gallerist, having to ask when they will receive what they are owed. RiSBE removes this uncertainty, no one is holding your money longer than necessary, so you do not have to ask if it is coming in, and you are guaranteed that you get paid.

RiSBE acts as a Clearing House between a Gallery, Artist and or Collector as it will collect payments for the artwork and make disbursements to the parties upon the clearing of the payment funds.

Many people in the art world have been personally impacted and even more know someone else who has had problems with getting paid what they are due. RiSBE ensures that all sides get aid what they are due. Most people in the art world are aware that a program such as this is needed, but think that they don’t need it, or too afraid to bring it up, or don’t want the added expense. The minimal expense of RiSBE is significantly less than the surcharge fees if you accepted credit cards to pay for your work. Isn’t it worth piece of mind?

If you are taking your career or your investment seriously, then best business practices should be used. You need to know that your career, your investment, and your reputation are protected.


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